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Shiatsu Therapy


Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese manual therapy that applies some of the principles and techniques of acupuncture, connecting with different reflex points or ‘tsubos’ along the Meridians in the body. These Meridians or energetic channels correspond to different vital organs and their functions, which in Traditional Chinese Medicine go beyond the anatomical.

Benefits of Shiatsu

  • relaxes mind and body

  • restores and balances energy

  • eases tension and stiffness

  • improves posture

  • enhances well being

A study carried out by Professor Andrew Long, University of Leeds showed that:


Treatments usually last 1h30m and you remain fully clothed. You should allow more time for a first treatment as the practitioner needs to take a detailed case history in order to develop a complete picture of your health. A shiatsu treatment takes place on a padded futon mat at floor level, but can also take place on a specialist massage couch, depending on the client's needs.



Reflexology is a complementary therapy that involves applying pressure to certain points of the feet, hands, face or ears, to promote deep relaxation and encourage healing. It is based on the theory that all the systems and organs of the body are linked to different reflex areas of the body.

Reflexology is a holistic therapy, which means that it helps the body to get back into balance naturally. As in shiatsu therapy, a full medical history of the client in taken in the first consultation and a treatment plan is agreed upon thereafter. Treatments usually last 1h and cream/oils are applied to the massage areas (usually the feet).

I am based in North Surrey and I give home treatments within 20 miles and bring my own futon mat, couch or massage chair, depending on the client's requirements.


  • Initial consultation (1h30 to 2h):  £75

  • 1h30 min Shiatsu treatment:  £70

  • 30 min Seated Acupressure:  £30

  • 1h Reflexology treatment: £40 (plus travel if outside of Spelthorne area) 


Concessions available if on low income. Please ask in confidence.




"Ralph's calm attentive manner have made having Shiatsu treatments relaxing and rewarding experience. Having suffered with several long term illnesses these treatments have really giving me a new lease of life and addressed several issues at once. Ralph is truly gifted and I wouldn't trust my treatments with anyone else. He explains things easily and makes you feel very relaxed."

Liz Tyler, Personal Trainer

“Have been to Swiss chiropractors and none of them resulted like Ralph's session. Many many years of toil on my body and he left me feeling refreshed and vitalised. I would highly recommend.”

Collette Salsky, Circus Artist

Seated Acupressure

A seated acupressure session can last from 10 to 30 minutes.

A quicker Shiatsu treatment that is practiced on a comfortable massage chair and that mainly focuses on relieving tensions on neck, shoulders and back. Ideal for people who spend long hours working on a computer, for example, or for those who don't have time for a full futon treatment. 


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