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More about me...

I have always been interested in the potentials of the human body. 


In my teens I competed at National level racing light dinghy. I enjoyed the challenge of harnessing the Wind's power to feel the flow of the Seas. 


After some years, the winds blew me to other lands and I discovered rock climbing. Here I felt myself connecting with the strength and beauty of the Earth. 


Later in life, I met my wife and a new flame kindled the Fire of Love. We both followed our Hearts and run away to the Circus, where we found that we depended on each other to be complete. We formed Circle of Two. This circle is now bigger with the birth of our second son in January 2016.


With the constant support of my other half, I have now found the inner stregth and determination to take a new direction. In 2014 I decided to embark on a new venture. Thanks to The Equity Charitable Trust, who offered me financial support to venture into this new career, I enrolled in a three year Zen Shiatsu training course at The Shiatsu College in London. 


The practice of Shiatsu, both as a patient and as a giver, has changed my relationship with the outside world. I have learnt to listen more, to be more sensitive to others and to be ready to offer help. Now that I have started this journey I cannot see myself stopping.

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